IF-Sätze (Typ III)

Write the correct tense of the following verbs
into the gaps. Do not use any abbreviations.

If you   (arrive) ten minutes earlier,
you   (get) a ticket.
If I   (know) that you were in hospital,
I   (visit) you.
The hens   (not get) into the house
if you   (shut) the door.
If you   (be) honest,
you   (be) my friend now.

If you   (look) at the engine for a moment,
you   (see) what was missing.
If he   (know) the whole story before,
he   (not be) so angry now.
He   (not be) arrested
if he   (try) to leave the country.
If she   (listen) to my directions,
she   (not turn) down the wrong street.