IF-Sätze (Mixed exercises)

Write the correct tense of the following verbs into the gaps.
Additionally fill in the correct type of IF-sentence (1, 2, or 3).

If I   (know) he was going to come,
I would have stayed at home. => Type  .
If the weather   (stay) like this,
the washing will be dry in two hours. => Type  .
If I   (be) Tom,
I would get a new battery for my car. => Type  .
We   (have) quite a comfortable journey
if Tom had booked seats in advance. => Type  .
If you had been there,
what   (you do) ? => Type  .
Your notes   (be) a lot easier to read
if you typed them. => Type  .
If you see a tarantula in a banana box,
you   (not touch) it. => Type  .
If I had not lost all my money in the lottery,
I   (be) happy now. => Type  .